Commercialization Pathfinder Award – Kobi Vortman, PhD

The Commercialization Pathfinder Award recognizes an individual who has served as a galvanizing force in facilitating the rapid acceleration of focused ultrasound, speeding the transition from laboratory research to widespread adoption and utilization of the technology. The recipient is always working to achieve the ultimate goal – providing significant contributions to the use of focused ultrasound technology to decrease death, disability, and suffering for patients with serious medical disorders around the world.

We are honored to present Kobi Vortman, PhD, with the inaugural Commercialization Pathfinder Award.

Lifetime Achievement Award – Yoav Medan, PhD

The Lifetime Achievement Award was established in 2022 and recognizes an individual who has devoted a major portion of his or her distinguished career to advancing focused ultrasound therapy by establishing the field and improving the lives of patients.

We are honored to recognize Yoav Medan, PhD, with the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award.

Visionary Award – Gail ter Haar, DSc

The Visionary Award is given every two years at our Symposium to recognize an individual who has created a larger vision for what the future of focused ultrasound may hold and whose effort, passion, and persistence have been crucial to advancing the field.

Professor Gail ter Haar, a renowned expert in the intersection of focused ultrasound and physics, has been selected for the Focused Ultrasound Foundation’s 2022 Visionary Award.

Previous Visionary Award recipients have included Lawrence Crum, PhD, (2020), Narendra Sanghvi, PhD (2018), Kullervo Hynynen, PhD (2016), and Motti Zisser (2014).

Clinical Adoption Award – Zhibiao Wang, MD

This award was established in 2022 and recognizes an individual dedicated to advancing the field of focused ultrasound and whose efforts have led to a significant number of patient treatments.

We are honored to present Professor Zhibiao Wang with the inaugural Clinical Adoption Award. 

Young Investigator Awards

The Young Investigator Awards encourage quality research and the presentation of meritorious scientific papers. Award recipients receive complimentary Symposium event registration and up to $2,500 for travel and lodging.

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Ferenc Jolesz Memorial Award

The Ferenc Jolesz Memorial Award has a two-fold purpose: to honor the memory of Ferenc Jolesz, a world class visionary whose passion for turning image-guided surgery from a vision to a reality of the 21st century and a pioneer of focused ultrasound as a noninvasive therapy; and to recognize and encourage this same innovative spirit in mid-career researchers and clinicians who continue to advance focused ultrasound. The recipient of this award will deliver a presentation at the 8th International Symposium that will be based on his/her research.

The awardee will receive up to $5,000 toward Symposium registration, travel and lodging expenses and a $5,000 cash award. This award is supported by Insightec.

Previous award recipients included Nir Lipsman, MD, PhD, (2020), Seung-Schik Yoo, PhD, MBA, (2018), and Nathan McDannold, PhD, (2016).

We are honored to present Graeme Woodworth, MD, with the 2022 Ferenc Jolesz Memorial Award.