The Foundation is pleased to announce that focused ultrasound pioneer Joan Vidal-Jové, MD, PhD, will serve as the honorary president at our 7th International Symposium on Focused Ultrasound in November 2020. 

Dr. Vidal-Jové is the Head of Focused Ultrasound Ablation Oncology at Barcelona University Hospital and has built his impressive career investigating focused ultrasound to treat more than 200 cases of pancreatic cancer, liver tumors, soft tissue desmoid tumors, and – more recently – lung cancer.

“I believe completely in the potential of focused ultrasound to treat many different conditions,” said Dr. Vidal-Jové. “I was first introduced to focused ultrasound when seeking options for my patients whose disease was too late-stage to be treated with traditional surgery. This technology was a valuable tool to help these patients noninvasively.” 

At the 2018 Symposium, Dr. Vidal-Jové shared a case report of his first lung tumor treatment. The lung has long been considered a challenging target for focused ultrasound because ultrasound does not pass through air. Dr. Vidal-Jové was able to treat the metastatic tumor, which was located in the lung periphery, because he could avoid air along the beam path.

However, his priority is treating pancreatic cancer. Although this is the most difficult ablation to perform in the abdomen, his results show that focused ultrasound, when added to standard chemotherapy, improves survival in patients with unresectable pancreatic cancer.

“Joan is a pioneer in the truest sense because he is striving to – and finding success in – treating conditions that we didn’t think would be possible using focused ultrasound,” explains Foundation Chairman Neal F. Kassell, MD. “Cancers of the pancreas and lung tumors are logistically challenging, and oftentimes patients don’t seek treatment until they are extremely ill. His work has led to offer patients another option, and this represents the true meaning of innovation and dedication.”

The 7th International Symposium on Focused Ultrasound will take place November 8-12, 2020, at the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner hotel in McLean, Virginia, USA. As honorary President, Dr. Vidal-Jové will address a dedicated group of physicians, researchers, industry leaders, and other stakeholders during the morning plenary session on Monday, November 9. 

“The field of researchers and clinicians who are devoted to advancing this technology is outstanding,” said Dr. Vidal-Jové. “I look forward to seeing everyone next November to share our work and build relationships where we can work together in the future.”

A preliminary program, registration, and abstract submission deadlines for the Symposium will be made available in early 2020. Visit for the latest information.


The Foundation’s 7th International Symposium on Focused Ultrasound will take place November 8-12, 2020, at the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner in McLean, Virginia. Please save the date and plan to join us for the latest in focused ultrasound research across the field.

Registration will open in spring 2020, and more details will be forthcoming. 

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Focused ultrasound technology pioneer and entrepreneur Narendra (Naren) Sanghvi will receive the Focused Ultrasound Foundation’s 2018 Visionary Award. This award is given every two years at our Symposium and recognizes an individual who has created a larger vision for what the future of focused ultrasound may hold and whose effort, passion, and persistence have been crucial to advancing the field. Mr. Sanghvi will be acknowledged during the Symposium’s Welcome Reception where he will briefly share his journey in focused ultrasound and vision of the future.

Mr. Sanghvi began working with focused ultrasound in the Fry brothers’ laboratory at Indiana University School of Medicine more than 45 years ago. Following several years of work on a system to treat brain disorders, he began the pursuit of treating the prostate with focused ultrasound and formed a company, Focus Surgery Inc., now a part of SonaCare Medical. Today, Mr. Sanghvi is the Chief Scientific Officer at SonaCare. He is also the inventor and developer of the company’s Sonablate® HIFU device, which has treated approximately 20,000 patients with prostate cancer at more than 120 clinical sites worldwide.

“Today, diagnostic ultrasound is a major medical imaging modality due to its noninvasiveness and high temporal and spatial resolutions,” says Mr. Sanghvi. “Similarly, highly focused ultrasound has the same attributes to be a significant player for therapeutic applications. Receiving this award from the Focused Ultrasound Foundation is a surprise and very exciting. The Foundation has played an important role in integrating the interests of scientific, medical and commercial entities in this field, and it continues to provide timely synergism to make these novel therapeutic applications a reality.” 

Mr. Sanghvi is a member and fellow of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, the Acoustical Society of America, and the International Society of Therapeutic Ultrasound (ISTU). He was recently presented The William and Francis Fry Honorary Fellowship for Contributions to Therapeutic Ultrasound at the 2018 ISTU meeting.

“Naren is a true pioneer and a driving force behind focused ultrasound’s trajectory,” says Foundation chairman Neal F. Kassell, MD. “From early on he recognized the technology’s potential to disrupt so many areas of care. His decades of experience in innovative focused ultrasound research, developing a clinical system, and leading a focused ultrasound company place him in an elite class of visionaries.” 

The 6th International Symposium on Focused Ultrasound will take place October 21-25, 2018, at the Hyatt Regency in Reston, Virginia.

Previous Visionary Award recipient have included Kullervo Hynynen, PhD (2016) and Motti Zisser (2014).