The Focused Ultrasound Foundation is pleased to announce that Omar Ishrak, Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board at Medtronic, and Chairman of the Board at Intel, will give a keynote address at the 7th International Symposium on Focused Ultrasound.

Mr. Ishrak’s address, entitled “The Role of MedTech in Driving Patient Outcomes,” will focus on innovation in the medtech field and his thoughts on achieving impact and scaling focused ultrasound.

Mr. Ishrak is a globally recognized thought leader in the medtech field. Deeply innovative, he enjoys a unique vantage point of understanding not only the healthcare industry on the whole, but the science and technology behind it as well. An electrical engineer by training, Mr. Ishrak is regarded as a visionary in the medical device industry. In keeping with his passion for inclusion and diversity, he established Medtronic’s Diversity Networks; in 2020, the company was awarded the prestigious Catalyst Award, which is given to corporations driving global change by building workplaces that work for women.

Commenting on his participation in the symposium, Mr. Ishrak shared, “Focused ultrasound has a compelling value proposition and growing clinical evidence. With commitment, creativity and perseverance, companies can scale, and focused ultrasound therapies will benefit more patients worldwide.”

Medtronic is the world’s leading medical technology company. Its mission is to use the application of biomedical engineering to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life for millions of people around the world. It offers therapies and products to treat a wide range of medical conditions and has $29 billion in annual revenue, more than 90,000 employees, and operations reaching more than 150 countries worldwide.

In January 2020, Mr. Ishrak was named independent Chairman of the Board of Directors of Intel, where he has served as a member of the board since 2017. Intel is a global technology company with $72 billion in annual revenue in 2019 and an industry leader in creating world-changing technology that enables global progress and enriches lives.

The 7th International Symposium on Focused Ultrasound will be held virtually November 9-13, 2020. Mr. Ishrak’s keynote address will air on Friday, November 13, at 8:00 am ET and will be available on-demand for the remainder of the day. Interested parties must register for the Symposium – at no cost – to view the presentation.

For more information, see the 2020 Symposium Preliminary Program.

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